Depiction of a statue of Seshem-nefer IV

The relief represents an offering of incense and meat for the statue of Seshem-nefer. He is depicted as an elderly, plump man, and thus espicially dignified. The position of the arms and the shoulder indicate that the relief depicts a statue rather than the man himself. The single line of inscription also indicates a statue. 

Depiction of a statue of Seshem-nefer IV

Three servants on a smaller scale are depicted facing the statue. Two of the men are standing on a higher baseline; one is opening an incense burner and the other is reciting from a papyrus which is now lost owing to the extensive surface damage. The other servant stands on the lower baseline and is preserved from the waist upwards. 

He presents an ox leg. The outline of his head was later enlarged by the extension of the painted wig beyond the edge of the relief cutting. Each figure wears a short kilt which is tied under the navel.

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