Offering table of Seshemu and Nofret

The offering table is topped by a horizontal line of hieroglyphs in sunk relief which states the titles and names of the persons depicted. Below it is a register which does not occupy the full width of the stela, decorated with a scene in relief. It depicts a few items in sunk relief, namely a wash stand in front of the two persons depicted, and a plucked goose  approximately in the centre. 

The remaining surface of the scene is carved in raised relief of a bold quality. A man is seated on the left and a woman on the right with an offering table in between them. Their seats are stools with lion's legs placed on tapering supports. The seats of the stools are at an angle, decorated at the back with stylized flowers. The man is dressed in a short kilt with a belt and a simple collar.

Offering table of Seshemu and Nofret

 He is wearing a bracelet and is extending his arm towards the offering table with his hand above his thigh. In his left hand, which is fisted, he holds the sign for "life". The woman wears the tripartite long wig and a dress with shoulder straps of which the edges have not been clearly indicated. Her right leg has not been indicated either, and it seems to disappear behind her left leg. 

She is touching the stylized offering breads with her extended right hand. Her left hand is resting on her thigh. The left arm is mostly hidden by her body. Her jewellery consists of two bracelets and a simple collar, as well as a double close-fitting necklace around her neck. The offering table with its single leg is covered with stylized bread.

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