Counterpoise of a Pectoral of Tutankhamun

This pectoral counterpoise is made of gold, semiprecious stones, and polychrome glass. Strands of beads originally hung beneath this piece of jewelry.

The openwork part of the counterpoise features Heh, the god of a million years, kneeling and bearing the Udjat sacred eye of Horus.

Counterpoise of a Pectoral of Tutankhamun
 One of his arms is supported by the Sa symbol of protection and he is flanked by two uraei, or royal cobras, topped with sun disks. The two reeds on the sides of the counterpoise symbolize time.

 Heh traditionally holds these reeds while standing upon the Shen ring of infinity and a frog that symbolizes thousands of years. These symbols guarantee the king millions of years of safety and protection whether he is alive or dead.

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