Piece of Jewelry of King Tutankhamun

Clasp of a Piece of Jewelry of King Tutankhamun

This beautiful clasp from a piece of jewelry forms the throne name of King Tutankhamun, "Neb-kheprew-re." It was found among other jewelry in boxes in the Treasury Room, a name given by Howard Carter to this room because it contained treasures more valuable than the objects found in the other rooms of the tomb.

The central element is the scarab "Khepri," which is made of a fine piece of lapis lazuli; the line details of the scarab are marked in gold. Beneath it is a basket-shaped "neb" sign, decorated with squares inlaid with lapis lazuli, turquoise and carnelian.

Between the forelegs of the scarab, is the rising sun disc "Re" made of carnelian set in gold. Instead of the wings, which usually flanked the scarab, there are two cobras "uraei"; each is surmounted by a sun disc made of carnelian that rests on the shen sign, the symbol of universal power.

The heads of the cobras are lapis lazuli, carved in high relief. The markings on the bodies are exceptionally effective, inlaid in carnelian, lapis lazuli and in red, blue, and greenish-blue glass.

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