The Pharaonic Village

In the Pharaonic Village, visitors sail on comfortable boats down the mechanism of a network of canals and view the paintings are incredibly accurate recreation of ancient Egyptian life. Although the city of Cairo surrounds the island, no trace of it penetrates the thick wall of trees planted around the island. Scenes include a recreation of industries, games, arts, and moments of history and legend. Services such as restaurants, rental boats, a children's playground and a restaurant serving Egyptian and European dishes both help to make your stay more enjoyable.

The Pharaonic Village A Living Museum

Take a step back in time; about three thousand years back, to be exact. Just a few miles from the center of Cairo is a time machine waiting to take you on a fantastic journey to the days of the Pharaohs, a time brought to life by an incredible group of actors and actresses, faithful and exact reproductions of buildings, clothing, and lifestyles; and of course, the redoubtable Dr. Hassan Ragab and his son Dr. Abdelsalam Ragab. They have worked for over twenty years to create the most precise living recreation of the golden days of Pharaonic Egypt, and now he invites you to join him on this fascinating journey to the past.

The Pharaoh and His Court

The temple above is only one example of the exacting details that have gone into making the past come to life at the Pharaonic Village. Over a hundred actors and actresses perform all the daily activities and arts of the ancient Egyptians, including agriculture, pottery, sculpture, weaving, and much more. Everyone that would have existed in an ancient Egyptian city is here in the modern recreation, from pharaohs to fishermen, from potters to priests. Because of this attention to detail, the Pharaonic Village is more than education and entertainment, it is a vital resource in the preservation of our knowledge of the ancient world.

The Pharaonic Village is a must-see for any visitor to Egypt, whether scholar of Egyptian history and culture, or casual tourist. It is an excellent complement to a trip before going to Aswan and Luxor, but just as awe-inspiring and enjoyable in and of itself. Come with us on a journey through time to the rich and exciting age of the pharaohs.

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