King Psusennes Pectoral

 Pectoral of King Psusennes I with Protective Symbols

This pectoral, a large piece of jewelry worn on the chest, is formed of two parts joined by a hinge. In the upper part, Isis and Nephthys are shown with wings outspread to protect a scarab on a Djed pillar, the symbol of stability.

Two cartouches of the king and two Shen signs are attached to the central scarab. The space between the goddesses and the frame is filled with two Udjat, or sacred eyes, for protection.

King Psusennes Pectoral

In the lower section, there are two uraei, or royal cobras. A reversed lotus flower in the center divides the section into two scenes. On the right, the king is shown on a boat with a Benu bird, the sacred bird of Heliopolis, while to the left he is with the god Osiris.

The Iabet standard of the East stands against the first boat while the Djet sign of eternity stands against the second. This pectoral is linked to a double chain formed of twin gold beads and other colored beads. The chain is fitted with an upturned lotus flower as a counterweight.

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