king tut family tree

The 18th dynasty was one of the most powerful royal houses of ancient Egypt. The late 18th dynasty, which included the reign of Akhenaten and Tutankhamun was an extraordinary and mysterious time. The recent identification of a number of royal mummies from this era, the exact relationships between some members of the royal family and possible illnesses and causes of death have been matters of debate. 

king tut family tree
King Tutankhamun Family Tree

Akhenaten, who ruled from 1351-1334 B.C. is considered one of the most controversial of the Egyptian Pharaohs because of his attempts to transform the traditional religion of his ancestors which lasted for a great number of years and that reflected all facets of society and caused great turmoil. As for Tutankhamun, he is probably the most famous of all Egyptian Pharaohs and this has nothing to do with any historical importance but is due to the treasures that were found inside his tomb that had been discovered almost intact.


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