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The Royal Jewelry Museum

 The Royal Jewelry Museum

 The Royal Jewelry Museum

Royal Jewelry Museum is a museum displaying jewelry royal families that ruled Egypt, and is located in the city of Alexandria.Palace was built in 1919 in an area which is Zizinia architectural masterpiece, and an area of ​​4185 square meters and was interpreted to Princess Fatima Zahra one of the princesses of the royal family, has been designed according to the European style buildings in the nineteenth century and inside the palace are decorated in units of Masterpieces.

Turned into a museum of the Royal Jewelry in 1986, the museum includes a wide range of gold jewelry and artifacts of the royal family back to the top in 1805, including rare antiques, from Muhammad Ali Pasha, Farouk I, even.These jewels were confiscated by the revolution of July 23, was registered as a museum in 1999, and the museum now has 11 thousand and 500 pieces.

Royal Jewelry Museum Building

And "Jewelry Museum" .. Or as it is called "Palace of jewelry" because of his presence in the building, which was shortened to one of the princesses of the royal family upper Egypt as we shall see .. It is this Alaltv or minors in the area of ​​Alexandria Zizinia .. And next to the residence of the Governor of Alexandria directly in the region enjoyed calm and prosperity and which befit the Museum of the Jewellery .. For the four borders of the Museum .. From the South Street Ahmad Yahya .. Street on the north by Abdul Salam Arif .. And Middle Street artist Ahmed Osman .. On the west by the residence of the Governor.

 History of the palace (museum)Royal Jewelry Museum is in the Palace of Fatima Zahra Bgelem .. The foundations of this palace ZM Fahmy in 1919 and completed its construction and set up by her daughter Princess Fatima in 1923.And Princess Fatima Zahra, which carries its name from the palace princesses upper family was born in 1903 .. Her mother is Mrs. / sister Zeinab Fahmi .. Fahmi Ali architect - who participated in the design of the palace .. Her father is Prince Ali Bin Haider Alomirahmd Rushdie, Ben Prince Mustafa Fadel Pasha Bahjat Bin Bin Bin Ibrahim Pasha, Muhammad Ali Pasha, the governor of Egypt and its modern renaissance of any motive that Muhammad Ali is the fifth grandfather. 

The mother was Princess Fatima Zahra has completed construction of the West Wing before her death, her daughter had reached eighteen years of age .. She was Princess Fatima Zahra oriental suites of the palace and the corridor linking the wings .. This palace has been used for the establishment of the summer until the revolution of July 1952 ... When the property was confiscated Princess was allowed to stay in the palace .. That was until 1964, when Princess Fatima Alzahraan ceded the palace of the Egyptian government .. And left for Cairo .. The Princess Fatima Zahra died in 1983.The palace was used Castrahh for the presidency .. Even turned into a museum by presidential decree in 1986. 

This palace was built (Royal Jewelry Museum) European-style buildings of architectural terms .. It consists of two wings .. East and west .. Connecting corridor between the two browser ... It consists of the east wing and west wing of two floors and basement .. The building is surrounded garden filled with plants, flowers and ornamental trees.Have been the work of restoration and development of the museum in 1986 and 1994. Since late 2004, Bdoalcil Top of the effects of the development and restoration of a comprehensive museum at a cost estimated at about 10 million pounds in order to increase its capacity to absorb more of the exhibits of precious existing Aalmkhazn did not then offer .. The museum was opened in April 2009 the contents of the museumThe museum collection of the finest and most beautiful jewelry and property that was worn and decorated by members of the royal family in upper Egypt, including the Jewelry King Fouad, King Farouk and his wives, princes and princesses of the royal family ..  

Therefore, it is known as the Royal Jewelry Museum.The museum includes 11 thousand and 500 pieces belonging to members of the royal family .. The palace was divided into ten groups of rooms with antiques and jewelry belonging to members of the family of Muhammad Ali is the most important:Group belonging to the upper-founder of the family, "Mohammed Ali", including inhalant tray of gold enamel camouflaged by the name "Muhammad Ali"Group of Prince Mohamed Ali Tawfiq, which includes 12 cup circumstance of platinum, gold, and about 2753 of the lobes and the Flemish Diamond and Brent wallet of gold studded with diamonds .. in addition to the pocket watch Balslatin especially the Ottomans.It is the era of Khedive Said Pasha, there are a range of scarves, watches gold .. And decorations, necklaces and Egyptian and foreign Waltrkih encrusted with jewels and gold .. and about four thousand of the coins varied. Group belonging to the upper-founder of the family, including Muhammad Ali box Nhawk of gold enamel camouflaged by the name «Muhammad Ali».Hours of gold and enamel color photos of the Khedive Ismail, Khedive Tawfiq.Jewelry and Textile Group of King Fouad, including:

Handle of gold studded with diamonds.

Gold medals and medals upon his image.

A crown of diamonds and platinum studded Barlent to his wife, Princess Shwikar.

Jewelry Collection Queen Nazli of the most important ornament of gold studded with diamonds Barlent.Jewelry and Textile Group of King Farouk and Queen Nazli and most important:

Chess of gold studded with colored enamel geotextile diamonds.

Chinese gold upon the signing of «110 of pashas».

The neo-Marshallian stick of ebony and gold.

Plate of agate Mahdi of the Czar of Russia.Group Queen Safinaz wife of King Farouk and the most important parts:

Queen crown studded with diamonds in platinum and Barlent Tokh Barlent of diamonds.

Pins came from gold and platinum diamond studded Barlent and Flemish.Queen Nariman group is the most important parts:

Medals and commemorative medals and necklaces.

Mstaran and bowl of gold used in laying the foundation stone for the projects.Groups princesses Fawzia and Faiza Ahmed Fouad Ahmed Fouad: «a» a set of bracelets, pins and tuk-Sadr, including:

Tokh of platinum studded with diamonds under the name «Fawzia».

A gold set with diamonds and pearls Barlent «winner».Princesses group and fatalism Samiha Hussein Kamel: A collection of pocket watches in gold and studded with diamonds Barlent Flemish and gold bracelet set with diamonds and Barlent Flemish and pearls.Group princes Youssef Kamal and Mohamed Ali Tawfiq: It includes many antiques, jewelry, medals, pendants and badges in addition to other collections of jewelry covered by museum presentation in the style of an interesting and used light-dependent routing optical direct pieces displayed without the influence or affected by the viewer. 

They have supplied tanks Display cards explaining both Arabic and English.This is a museum of the most beautiful sights in Alexandria, where a collection of rare and wonderful antiques, jewelry, and gold jewelery and precious stones, watches and diamond studded Paljmahler.Antiques and (Palace) Jewellery Iboppe for Egyptian and foreign guests and the prices of the Egyptians Aljul very low prices to encourage them to visit this museum and learn about the important of Maydmh Jewelry and Collectibles very magnificence and beauty probably does not unprecedented in the world.


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