Ancient Egyptian Social Structure From Slaves to Pharaoh

Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

Art and artifacts were evaluated by the ancient Egyptians. Different spheres of Egyptian life can be studied by analyzing ancient Egyptian artifacts.

Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

Ancient Egyptian Headrest

The headrest is made of wood and has been used as a type of pillow. Some were clear and some beautifully carved. They do not look very comfortable due to lack spacing the part that touches your head. The headrest comprises a upper seal with a curved rectangular. Headrests have also been used to support those responsible for death to keep evil spirits from entering the earth in the body.

Ancient Egyptian Shabti

Shabti figures statuettes, usually in the form of a mummy. The Egyptians believed they would magically do the work they had to do in "life after death". 365 Shabti figures were often placed in a tomb of one for every day of the year.

Ancient Egyptian Make-up pot

Make-up has been used both my men and women. Special powders and pastes were used to cover their skin. Make-u p is not only beautiful, but also protect against the warm and sunny climate. Were usually jars lids. This pot can be saved "Kohl" - black makeup that Egyptians used to decorate them.

Ancient Egyptian Mirror

The mirror is made of bronze. It was carried out by removing a piece of bronze until the cardboard. Then it was polished to make it shiny enough to reflect the light back in your face. Sometimes, these mirrors have handles made of bone or ivory.

Ancient Egyptian play piece

Egyptians themselves engaged in games. Senet is a board game. Rom a game piece approximately 3 cm long was the game play of Senet. Senet pieces are on display in various museums.

Ancient Egyptian Amulet
An amulet was appointed as the eye of "Horus". Horus was an ancient powerful god. He had a human body and falcon head. Amulet lucky. He represented one of the gods that the ancient Egyptians believed in. Egyptians wrapped the body of these amulets in the tombs.

Ancient Egyptian Necklace

The Egyptians were actually fans of beauty. It was the distinction between rich and poor. The poor wore jewelry made from clay or bone. Richer people are more elaborate jewelry in bronze, silver or gold.

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