Egyptian Gods and Goddesses names

The Egyptians recognized thousands of gods and goddesses, but here are some of the major ones.

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses names

  Amun (Amun-Re): god of thebes, associated with the goose and ram, later associated with re and Atum; Amun-re, mut, and their son Khonsu were worshipped as a trio 

Anubis:  Jackal-headed god, patron of embalmers, protector of tombs

 Aten: the disk of the sun, worshipped as the one true god by Akhenaten 

Atum: Sun god of Heliopolis, later associated with re

  Bastet: cat-headed goddess, protector of women, home, and children, guardian of the nile Delta, goddess of fertility, warmth, pleasure, the moon, and beer

  Bes: fierce, lion-headed dwarf god, protector of children and women in childbirth

 Edjo (Wadjet): cobra goddess, patron of Lower Egypt, protector of the king 

Geb: Earth god

  Hapi: god of the inundation

 Hathor: Wise, gentle, cow-headed goddess, protector of heaven, earth, and the under- world, beloved by wives and mothers, wife of Horus, goddess of music and dance; the sistrum was her symbol; she is often shown wearing a horned sun-disk headpiece

  Heket: frog goddess, patron of fertility, pro- tector of women in childbirth

 Horus: falcon-headed sky god, son of Isis and  osiris, protector of the king

 Isis: fertility goddess, mother of Horus, divine mourner, one of the four protectors of canopic jars 

Khepri: creator god, shown as a scarab beetle within the sun disk

 Khnum: ram-headed god; he created the earth and the first man on his potter’s wheel 

Khonsu: Warrior god, son of Amun-re and mut

 Ma’at: goddess of balance, order, and justice who judged souls after death; her symbol was an ostrich feather

 Min: fat, jolly, popular fertility god 

Montu: falcon-headed war god of the king

 Mut: Wife of Amun-re

 Neith: Hunting goddess of Sais, one of the four protectors of canopic jars; her symbol was two feathered arrows

 Nehkbet: Vulture goddess of Upper Egypt, protector of the king 

Nephthys: Sister of Isis, osiris, and Seth, divine mourner, one of four protectors of canopic jars

  Nun: god of chaos who existed before the creation of the world 

Nut: Sky goddess, wife of earth god geb; her arched body forms the sky 

Osiris: god of the underworld, the dead, the land’s fertility, and the inundation, he offered eternal life to all; depicted as a mummified king

 Ptah: creator god of memphis, patron of arti- sans and craftsmen 

Re: Sun god of Heliopolis, later merged with Atum and Amun 

Sekhmet: fierce lion-headed goddess, she destroyed Egypt’s enemies

 Sebek: crocodile god, associated with Seth 

Selkit: Scorpion goddess, one of the four pro- tectors of canopic jars

 Seshat: goddess of writing, the divine librar- ian, wife of thoth 

Seth: god of disorder, storms, violence, and mischief, brother and murderer of osiris

 Shu: Air god, paired with tefnut; he was usu- ally shown between geb (earth) and nut (sky) 

Sopdu: Bearded guardian god of Egypt’s east- ern borders 

Taweret: pregnant hippopotamus, protector of fertility and women in childbirth 

Tefnut: moisture goddess, paired with Shu 

Thoth: Ibis-headed god, husband of Seshat, vizier and scribe of the gods, inventor of writing, mathematics, languages, account- ing, magic, law, and board games; he con- trolled the moon, stars, and seasons

 Upuaut: Jackal god, avenger of osiris, protec- tor of the dead, opener of the ways into the underworld