Symbol of Isis

  Egyptian Symbol of Isis

Patron of Mothers
Compassion, Esoteric Arts, Perseverance, Maternal Love, Nurturing.
Help from the other side is at hand.
The issue in question should be persevered with and nurtured, and not pushed forward too quickly.
Trust your intuition for something may be hidden from view at this point.
Psychic and spiritual development.

Symbol of Isis

A period of going within to plant seeds for the next stage of your life.
A time of retreat to absorb lessons learnt on a physical level.
People involved in the welfare of others ie the caring professions.
A time for taking time out for self care ie getting close to nature, walking in a park or along a beach. 


Symbol of Horus

Egyptian Symbol of Horus

Patron of Families & Homes
Courage, Creativity, Balance, The Arts, Beauty, Family,

Strong healing energies for conditions affecting the physical body.
Family situations, family loyalty, reliability and devotion.
A good omen for those who feel they have been unfairly treated.
Personal charm and charisma.
Nurture creative talents be they musical, dancing, painting etc.

Symbol of Osiris

  Egyptian Symbol of Osiris

Father Figure - A Tree Stability, Wisdom, Honesty, Justice, Respect for those older and wiser, Philosophical matters, Responsibility, A Father Figure.

 Spiritual strength in times of need.
Rely upon your own judgement.
A time for laying foundations and putting roots down.
A degree of security and a stability.

Success through practical efforts and self-discipline.
Take responsibility for your spiritual growth and the direction your life takes.
Take responsibility for your decisions.
May be a need to become more grounded.
A time of Action. 

Buckle of Isis

 Egyptian Symbol Buckle of Isis

 Signe of Fertility, Loyalty, Growth with a sacrifice.
Represents Loyalty to family & friends.

Represents prosperity in investments, the family, farming or anything you care to name, however, there is a price to pay at some point in the proceedings.

People who give up valuable careers to care for family or nurse or care for another person.
Can also indicate a new addition to the family, promotion at work which may entail overtime or more stress.

  Buckle of Isis