Ancient Egyptian Paintings

The oldest sculptures and paintings older who have come down to our time are the work of the ancient Egyptian artists who lived nearly four thousand years before the Christian era. It would look as if the sculpture and painting were twins twins born of the fruitful Nile, and thus the parallel antiquity

But the art of painting involves first the art of drawing and the art of drawing is much older than that of sculpture. He is older than the age-old civilization of Egypt. It is almost as old as man himself. The paintings that decorated the walls of tombs in Egypt were designed to keep alive the story.

Ancient Egyptian Paintings
Ancient Egyptian Paintings

Ancient Egyptian Paintings
Ancient Egyptian Paintings

Moved to us a lot of information about the daily life and customs of ancient Egyptian through what was left to us drawings on the walls, the ancient Egyptian was excelled in painting, sculpture and graphic formats such as
1 - Tombs of Memphis necropolis in Giza, Abu Sir, Saqqara and Dahshur, which is for senior men of the Old kingdom

  2 - the rock tombs of Beni Hassan about 2000 BC. in Minya Governorate

Ancient Egyptian Paintingas distinguish by special features that the artist depicts the person's body so that it is in the development of the face, while the vision in the development of both sides of the head.
Composition of colors

The ancient Egyptians used eight colors, including the original four colors, namely:

1 - White and was attending a neighborhood of lime (calcium carbonate) or gypsum (calcium sulphate

2 - Yellow is the color of a metal is made from iron ore (ocher) and brought from Aswan and oases

3 - Red and is made from iron ore is also a red

4 - Blue is of two types (a) natural copper ore from Sinai to the color blue (Ozorit) (b) glass material made ​​of iron filings + Almlakhitt (copper ore) + Mtron

 Ancient Egyptian Paintings
Ancient Egyptian Paintings
The four non-original colors are:

1 - green, and is extracted from the Almlakhitt or glass material of the blue with yellow ocher (iron ore as well)

2 - brown red color plus black

3 - gray white plus black

4 - Black, one of three sources: (a) soot (soot) (b) carbonization of acacia wood (c) of manganese (which is often a black stone from Sinai).

And used adhesives in paste colors and installed:

1 - Materials albumen from egg whites, and is used a lot in cemeteries fees coloring .

2 - material composed of resin glue plus material Alolfonah3 - organic material made up of glue.

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The images and models found in Egyptian tombs were connected with the idea of ​​providing the soul with companions in the other world. These murals provide the extraordinary lively picture of life as lived thousands of years ago in Egypt. And yet, looking at art for the first time, can find a rather strange looking. What mattered most was not pretty, but completeness.

 It was the duty of artists to preserve everything as clearly and permanently as possible. So they have not sought to sketch nature as it seemed from any angle fortuitous. They drew from memory, according to strict rules that ensure that everything had to go into the picture would stand out in perfect clarity.