Seattle next stop for the exhibition "Tutankhamun"

Seattle next stop for the exhibition "Tutankhamun"
The Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim transmission Gallery King Tutankhamun from the city of Houston, U.S., which displays the current to the center of the Pacific in Seattle from May 22nd until December 31, 2012, and after that was organized in 5 U.S. states since November 18, 2008 most recently, "Houston" and from there to Seattle the next station.

Ibrahim pointed out that the exhibition includes 130 pieces of Holdings famous Golden King Tutankhamun.He said that the exhibition of "In Search of Cleopatra," which is currently being done in Mululky U.S. since June 2010 will be opened in California on May 21 till the May 30, 2013, pointing out that the exhibition includes 142 pieces to the era of Queen Cleopatra, and that these exhibitions come to complement agreements precedent.


For his part, said Adel Abdel-Sattar, head of the museums that there are offers of principle for the establishment of Trade Foreign Affairs of the Egyptian antiquities submitted by India to display the exhibition Tutankhamun is currently taking place in Japan, as requested Sweden to host the exhibition Tutankhamun, in addition to the request of Belgium for an exhibition of Islamic and Coptic Monuments and this in the context of the ministry's plan to promote Islamic and Coptic Monuments natural extension of the ancient Egyptian civilization since the beginning of history.
He pointed out that Abdul Sattar will be discussed in the presentations and study of the specialized committees in accordance with the principles that safeguard the rights of the Ministry of effects, whether physical or scientific.

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