Statue of Akhenaten Making Offerings to Aten

Statue of Akhenaten Making Offerings to Aten

This small statue, which depicts King Akhenaten making offerings, was discovered in a house in the residential area of Tell el-Amarna.

This type of statuette served as a figurative embodiment of the human pharaoh, enabling the magic rituals in the celebration of religious rites connected with Aten.

The rigid posture of the king with his legs together is unusual and can only be explained by the solemnity of the act of making an offering to Aten.

The body of the king is realistically portrayed with a swollen belly and a serious expression on his face. He wears the Blue Crown, an official crown related to the coronation ceremony of the king.

Stela of Akhenaten and His Family

Stela of Akhenaten and His Family

This limestone stela shows King Akhenaten and his family as a "Holy Family." It is considered to be an icon and was intended to be kept in a private chapel of an Amarna house.

The stela, topped by the cavetto cornice, is decorated with a scene of an intimate moment from the daily life of the royal family under the protection of Aten.


A cavetto is a concave molding with a cross section that approximates a quarter circle.

Facing each other, the royal couple is seated on stools covered with cushions. Between them stands their eldest daughter Meritaten, while the younger daughters are seen on their mother's lap.

Akhenaten is portrayed with his characteristic features. He is depicted wearing the Blue Crown and a pleated kilt.

Queen Nefertiti is shown wearing her characteristic high crown and a traditional long robe that is held in place with a belt.